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Jobalito is an online job finding platform designed & developed to slash recruitment costs for organisations by seamlessly and efficiently connecting them with talent.

We are a team of tech-savvy professionals hailing from the HR, IT and Recruitment sectors with a shared vision for developing ground-breaking solutions to everyday problems.

The problem of slow & inefficient recruitment presented itself to us when we had to tackle recruitment for new talent within our organisations. After spending valuable time & resources on the available solutions, we realised that our efforts often resulted in receiving low numbers of applications and spending a significant amount of time screening irrelevant profiles. At the same time we had to postpone ongoing projects or burden our existing teams with workload, causing them more stress.

In our effort to improve upon the existing medium, we designed and developed Jobalito under the premise of taking a new, smarter approach to online recruitment. To achieve that, we developed a specialised Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm and used it to generate the next generation of recruitment tools.

For organisations, the Jobalito AI is able to draw information from each individual company & the ongoing vacancies and use it to synthesise a unique identifying profile (organisation fingerprint).

For candidates, it analyses the individual profiles & added information in order to create a 3D model of their technical capabilities and interests (candidate fingerprint).

Using these fingerprints, the Jobalito AI can then filter through the database and match candidates to respective organizations and positions based on overall relevancy, rather than trying to tick boxes on and off.

The end result is a dynamic tool that provides organisations with a spherical approach to recruitment tool and optimises the process for both ends.

Following the matching process, Jobalito can then utilise its mobile application integrations and send push notifications to alert the candidate of a relevant (and matching) vacancy, therefore doubling as an active recruitment tool.

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